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The Next Meal Club

Thank you for joining The Next Meal Club, a generous group of individuals who are committed to making recurring monthly gifts to Meals on Wheels. Monthly gifts greatly improve our ability to plan and execute successful initiatives on an ongoing basis

Tribute & Memorial Donations

Honor someone special, a special occasion or the memory of a loved one while helping Meals on Wheels end senior hunger in Cherokee County. Your donation can help change the life of a senior, just like your honoree changed yours. If you would like to inform someone of your tribute, we are happy to send a letter on your behalf.

Planned Giving

Planned giving is a way to support Meals on Wheels through your estate plan or will. Your thoughtful foresight, generosity and commitment can help end senior hunger in Cherokee County. Planned gifts can be made to Meals on Wheels in several ways, and they are best made with the counsel of a financial or legal adviser. Please contact Diane Voss at 678-269-6677 to discuss Planned Giving Options.

Corporate Giving

Your generous corporate contributions help fund Meals on Wheels Three Pillars, so we can provide funding, equipment and education.

Donation Information:

To make a donation, send your check payable to the Cherokee County Volunteer Aging Council, PO Box 291, Lebanon GA 30146, or click the link below to donate via Pay Pal.


$700 helps provides meals for 100 seniors
$350 helps provides meals for 50 seniors
$140 helps provides meals for 20 seniors
$79 helps provides meals for 10 seniors
$35 helps provides meals for 5 seniors
Other amount



Volunteer Opportunities

Donate your Time

Do you have special skills, such as carpentry, plumbing, electrical and other skills that can help our seniors with renovation projects? Register with the VAC so that if the need arises, we can count on you to help. If you are retired, were you a professional in the working world with accounting, legal, sales, marketing, fund raising, grant experience? Your skills would be very valuable in our fund raising and administrative needs.

Donate Supplies

Our “Chores” program is always in need of pressure treated materials to build ramps, extended porches, etc. to provide safer access to our seniors' homes. Twice a year, the VAC undertakes larger renovation projects that require an expanded need for supplies; therefore, donations of Gift Cards to Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart and Target would be greatly appreciated.

Donate for the Holidays

Every year, the holidays bring many opportunities to help our seniors through the “Adopt a Senior” program and extra help with the Meals on Wheels volunteers. If you have special organizational skills and like to help our seniors, contact Diane Voss at 678-269-6677 or for more information.

Donate to Support our Wish List

Click on the Wish List tab and see what critical supplies are needed to support the home-bound and needy seniors of Cherokee County. In many cases, you may have durable medical equipment, walkers, manual & power wheelchairs, scooters, lift chairs, etc. that can be reclaimed and put to good use.

Support our Fund Raising Efforts

Every year, our Annual Gala is the biggest fund raising event and critical to support the many programs of the VAC. The event provides great entertainment, food, fellowship and the opportunity to support the VAC with the popular Live and Silent Auction.

Social Luncheons

Usually monthly, the VAC partners with a local independent, assisted living or nursing home to bring fellowship to our senior population. 100% of fees charged for the luncheon go directly to the VAC to support several of our program needs.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When making a donation, can I specify where it goes?
Yes, make a note on your check of how you would like your funds designated OR put a special notation in the PayPal comments and your wishes will be honored.

Can I specify a % split between several programs?
See explanation above.

In addition to sending a cash donation, can I help in other ways?
Yes, please see “Volunteer Opportunities” above to determine the best fit.

Are donations tax deductible?
Yes, the VAC is a non profit 501c(3) organization. Tax ID # 58-2583666

Does all of my contribution go to help the seniors?
Substantially all contributions are used to support seniors, except for the normal operating expenses of a non-profit, such as annual filing fees, annual review of the books and records and Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce membership